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Attached a questions related to e-managmenet assighmenet, it is about a vertual team that manages a vertual that deals with local and global clients. and the questions are addresing some of the related situations. please write the answers acordegnaly. Also, some of the questions are based on the textbook material so please let me know if you need it i have attached some slides that are related to one of this question:

  • Refer to the four different stages of team building? Have you experienced these stages (discuss) (attached and highlited in yellew)

please use resorces from the saudi degital library and let me know if you need any support. thanks



hey, no please start here is the file that related to the question

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Integration was the third phase, and the main task was restoring members’ comfort. Subdividing the tasks into smaller segments made the job seem surmountable. Additionally, it allowed for easy-flowing conversations with humor and feedback on the complications that setting up an international brand in a culturally unique place like Saudi Arabia brings. In the final stage, members adapted better to their cultural differences and improved communication, making collaboration easier. In addition to being a professional team, we became friends who were at ease to discuss current issues along the way as we went through the assignment.

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Digital marketing services