Drug abuse

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Your son has been having behavioral problems lately. He has not been completing his homework, he has been late to school, and he is having disciplinary problems at school and at home. He closes his door and withdraws from the family. You were thinking that this was just normal teenage angst that he was going through. One morning, while he is at school, you go into his room and see pieces of aluminum foil with burn marks on them. You also find several lighters inside his dresser drawer. You now suspect that he is using drugs.

Address the following in 5–6 paragraphs:

Requirements: 5 to 6 Paragraphs in depth

here is the textbook to use as a reference – Abadinsky, H. (2017). Drug Use and Abuse: A Comprehensive Introduction (9th Edition). Cengage Limited.

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Sharing the negative effects and consequences of using heroin might trigger him to stop using the drug. Through the conversation, I will be able to know why he is using drugs; this will help me use an appropriate approach to solve his issues. For instance, if he is getting drugs from his peers in school. I would choose to take him to a different school hence reducing the chances of getting the drugs from his friends. He might also agree to seek help from a counselor who can help him fight his drug problem. However, he may decide to hide and continue using them in private since he knows I have known. To avoid this, I will keep track of his behavior to know if he is still using the drugs.

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Drug abuse