Social responsibility model

Is the first amendment absolute? After considering this question, answer the following prompts:

1. Do you believe that the four models for regulating expression and speech (authoritarian, communist/state, libertarian, and social responsibility) apply to media in the twenty-first century?

2. In what ways is the United States, for example, libertarian in its regulation (i.e., for the Internet)?

3. In what ways does the social responsibility model not completely describe the way we regulate expression and speech?

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The United States is libertarian in its regulation since it allows mass media outlets to publish any information and news freely. The country holds that every person is entitled to control their choices and actions on the internet. It, therefore, does not control and has no power over all the ethical activities of its citizens on the internet. The social responsibility model does not clearly describe how speech and expression are regulated; this is because the theory links the libertarian and the authoritarian theories (Jørgensen & Zuleta 2020). For instance, the media is somewhat not under the control of the government but is controlled by citizens of the country’s society. Under the social responsibility model, freedom of speech and expression is not an absolute right since there must be a balance between others’ rights and the interest of society.

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Social responsibility model