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Electronic Health Record.

Electronic Health Record.

Discuss the question using 3 APA reference with nursing content within 5years.

One of the aspects of meaningful use is the implementation of the electronic health record (EHR). How has the EHR impacted your health care organization? What were the positives, and are there any negative issues with any aspects of EHR?

Read “Daily Electronic Health Record Reports Meet Meaningful Use Requirements, Improve Care Efficiency, and Provide a Layer of Safety for Trauma Patients,” by Stimson and Botruff, from Journal of Trauma Nursing (2017).

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Electronic health records (EHR) implementation is geared towards efficiency, quality, and lower occurrences of poor patient outcomes.  Several functionalities have been introduced in my hospital to improve communication and decision making. The hospital’s three main functionalities are Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Computerized Physician Order Entry, and Health Information Exchange (HIE). I will discuss the impact and the issues related to the implementation of EHR in my hospital.