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Emotional and Behavioral Meds in Children

Emotional and Behavioral Meds in Children

Write one paragraph describing the clinical and economic burden of the disease that is being treated by the chosen drug class. Cite using numeric references in ascending order.

Write one paragraph with an overview of the assigned study and expand on why it is important to evaluate the use of the chosen drug class. Note: cite using numeric references in ascending order.

Requirements: .doc file

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The chosen drug class is the emotional and behavioral meds that help to treat the difficulties associated with emotions, behavior, and concentration among children. These difficulties need a solution as early as possible before children become less social. However, emotional and behavioral challenges give children a disease of mental health problems. This disease is not hard to manage, but it presents an economic and clinical burden. The clinical burden is the lack of providers and enough resources to provide pediatric care for managing emotional and behavioral challenges. According to O’Brien, Harvey, Howse, Reardon, and Creswell (2016), the prevalence of mental related health problems, which include emotional and behavioral challenges, has reached 13.4% of all children worldwide. Hence, more specialists are needed to manage this percentage. However, there are insufficient specialists and resources to manage the issue (O’Brien et al., 2015). The economic burden associated with emotional and behavioral difficulties in children is financial challenges. According to Howie, Pastor, and Lukacs (2014), uninsured children hardly receive treatment for emotional and behavioral difficulties because they are not insured. It is because these people cannot afford the cash to pay for the services without support from insurance companies.