Ethical decision-making model

  1. Summarize the facts in a given case study and use the three components of an ethical decision-making model to analyze an ethical problem or issue and the factors that contributed to it.
    • Identify which case study you selected and briefly summarize the facts surrounding it. Identify the problem or issue that presents an ethical dilemma or challenge and describe that dilemma or challenge.
    • Identify who is involved or affected by the ethical problem or issue.
    • use the three components of the ethical decision-making model (moral awareness, moral judgment, and ethical behavior) to analyze the ethical issues.
    • Analyze the factors that contributed to the ethical problem or issue identified in the case study.
      • Describe the factors that contributed to the problem or issue and explain how they contributed.
  2. Apply academic peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to an ethical problem or issue as evidence to support an analysis of the case.
  3. Discuss the effectiveness of the communication approaches present in a case study.
  4. Discuss the effectiveness of the approach used by a professional to deal with problems or issues involving ethical practice in a case study.
    • Describe the actions taken in response to the ethical dilemma or issue presented in the case study.
    • Summarize how well the professional managed professional responsibilities and priorities to resolve the problem or issue in the case.
    • Discuss the key lessons this case provides for health care professionals.
  5. Apply ethical principles to a possible solution to an ethical problem or issue described in a case study.
    • Describe the proposed solution.
    • Discuss how the approach makes this professional more effective or less effective in building relationships across disciplines within his or her organization.
    • Discuss how likely it is the proposed solution will foster professional collaboration.

Requirements: 3-5 pages

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Furthermore, Dr. Kerr informs the Smiths that vaccines are very safe, considering vaccines safety profiles are regularly updated via data sources such as Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) operated by the FDA and CDC. Dr. Kerr also shares a website the Smiths can use to access the safety information she alluded to and verify her assertion that vaccines do not cause autism or any developmental disorder. Despite this, Dr. Kerr informs the Smiths that certain children cannot get vaccinated due to genetic diseases that weaken the children’s immune systems or that they might be too young to get the vaccine. However, these children are protected due to herd immunity, which is attained because all other eligible children are vaccinated against VPIs. Dr. Kerr concludes her presentation to the Smiths by pointing out that most states in the country require children to be vaccinated to enroll in school. Even though the Smiths listened to Dr. Kerr’s arguments in support of vaccination and confirmed they understood the information she was sharing, they still expressed their wish that Ana should not be vaccinated.

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Ethical decision-making model