Ethics And Diversity

Ethics And Diversity-Need by 12/5

Draft your section(s) about ethical and diversity issues as they relate to your topic. Consider what section of the paper these sub-issues best fit. There is no one correct section to include this information in, and the information might be in multiple sections. The important part is that you analyze these issues throughout the paper whenever appropriate. This should be at least 1,050 words total.

There really are no resources again this week other than the paper that’s been worked on which I uploaded. I also added some other topics that we can add into the paper that might be of some help. This is what the professor just suggested hopefully it can help.

In addition it might be better (but not necessary) to ask the question how race relations affect police brutality rather than vice versa?! Also maybe one should investigate the impact of multiculturalism on race relations, unless you wish to demonstrate the obstacles that existing race relations in the U.S. impose on embracing multiculturalism.

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America is among the ethnically diverse countries in the world. Horowitz (2019) asserts that the country’s diversity has its challenges, with racism being a significant issue. Since the beginning, this ethical diversity promoted racism since the ethnic groups perceived each other as different. Legewie (2016) says that even though there are several reasons for African Americans’ high involvement in the criminal justice system, racial profiling has always stood out as a significant reason. Between 1998 and 1999, stop-and-frisk operations in New York police departments targeted Hispanics and African Americans more than whites. The sociological theory on group threat and race relations has been used for years to explain the rampant police brutality in the US. Legewie (2016) says that the dominant race uses the police to control minority groups they perceive to be threatening their interests from the theory. This implies that the police behaviors that target African Americans and minorities result from the need to preserve the interest of the whites.