Examination of a psychological disorder

Psychology research essay

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1) Examination of a psychological disorder

Students will select a psychological disorder and examine how that disorder is viewed in different cultures. Students must explain the psychological disorder, including how it is conceptualized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5; American Psychiatric Association, 2013), and compare and contrast how this disorder is viewed in at least two cultures (one of which may be US culture). In addition to the required peer-reviewed sources, students may wish to include information from non-scientific sources, such as news or social media sources.

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Social anxiety disorder is a condition that is characterized by a fear of being judged in social situations. People with social anxiety disorder fear that people may brand them stupid, annoying, or anxious, and so they are careful in everything they are doing. The fear of being judged makes people avoid social situations, and when the circumstances are unavoidable, they experience anxiety (Hofmann, Asnaani & Hinton, 2011).  The majority of people with experience social anxiety disorders started during their adolescent years, and the majority of the people with the disease were shy in their childhood. Social anxiety can wreck the life of a person in different ways. One way is that it can make an individual decline a job that entails interaction with many people. Jobs that involve frequent interactions involve speaking in front of many people, meeting many new people, and even eating out with friends. People with social anxiety disorder fear such circumstances since they think they might make mistakes, and people will judge them harshly. Communities have different viewpoints on social anxiety disorder, and therefore, this project looks at the different perspectives’ communities have on managing social anxiety disorder.(3572 words)