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Field of criminal justice.

Now that you are in the final course of the program, take a moment to reflect on your experience and share where you hope your criminal justice education will lead you in the future.

Write a 700- to 875-word reflection in which you respond to the following questions:

  • What role within the field of criminal justice do you hope to pursue following graduation? What role do you hope to have within 5 years? Within 10 years?
  • What have you learned in this program that will benefit you in the role(s) you aspire to?
  • How have your perceptions about the field of criminal justice changed during your time in this program?
  • How might you implement best practices that you’ve researched during this program in a future career?

Submit your assignment.

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Requirements: 700-875

Answer preview

Before studying criminal justice, I used to have different perceptions about criminal justice due to the many activities involved in solving a case. Initially, I thought the legal system was biased and only wealthy people were treated fairly. After studying criminal justice, I learned more about the justice system and realized that it serves all citizens regardless of their financial status.  Before studying criminal justice, I also thought the legal system was also complicated and challenging to comprehend. After gaining the proper knowledge of criminal justice, I realized that the legal system has different departments with different roles, and they often collaborate to achieve the goals of the legal system. Everyone must perform their duties effectively to improve the general performance of the legal system. Before studying the criminal justice system, I used to believe that justice is not always served. After gaining a better understanding of criminal justice, I came to realize that the main objective of criminal justice is to ensure that justice is served accordingly. Some of the reasons that also make other people think that justice is not served are the fact that many pending cases are not followed until the last

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