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food applications available on the market

Review three different food applications available on the market

Review three different food applications available on the market (examples include:…

Evaluate the effectiveness of the apps and critique their strengths and weaknesses. This should be 2-3 pages in length.

The examples I provided is just examples, do not copy anything from it.

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.doc file | Case Study | 2 pages, Double spaced

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            Trip Advisor food application allows customers who visit hotels and restaurants to comment on the quality of an organization’s services. The food app provides fresh and authentic content from real customer experiences. It allows people to analyze the reviews and determine whether to buy food from a specific restaurant. However, there are various strengths and weaknesses of the application. One of the advantages of this Trip Advisor is that it provides a timely and unique resource for clients through reviews and photographs. Also, the food application does not limit the opinions of travelers throughout different hotels to the public. It is highly effective since it provides functionality to the users by allowing them to book meals directly from the site. The managers of restaurants have accessibility to the application to respond to both positive and negative reviews. However, Trip Advisor disadvantages, such as the diversity of user opinions, making it difficult to evaluate the food (Horská et al. 2017) objectively. The poorly written trip reviews are not clear for other consumers to establish the experience and quality of food services in restaurants. For example, a comment such as “loved it” is diverse and broad without detailed specifications of what a person enjoyed most about the food or hotel experience.