Healthcare Marketing

Unit 3 Discussion Board- Healthcare Marketing

1. What are some of the basis in which markets are delineated by healthcare facilities in order to facilitate marketing efforts?

2. If everyone is arguably a healthcare consumer, what factors prompted a move from mass marketing to a more targeted marketing approach?

o Requirements: 250 words minimum for each question.

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There are a couple of parameters that come into consideration when health care facilities are delineating markets to facilitate marketing efforts (Radulescu, & Cetina, & Orzan, 2014). Understanding the interests and capabilities of products and services is crucial when coming up with a marketing plan. One such consideration is the nature of demand. Health care marketers have to understand the dynamics of the market and who the ultimate decision-makers are in procuring health care services. In some cases, doctors and not patients are the greatest beneficiaries of marketing campaigns, because they are the final decision-makers on the treatment protocols and medication given to patients (Radulescu et al., 2014). Once health care facilities understand this, they can then alter their marketing strategies to target specific markets.(638words)