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Ancient Drug

Ancient Drug

  • Select a drug (or chemical) that would have been available in ancient times.
  • Imagine yourself as this item.
  • Reflect on being this drug. Among the questions you should answer are:
    • What happens to you as you are grown, harvested, or synthesized?
    • How you will be prepared for use?
      • include describing how you are used, for what you used, and the effect(s) you cause
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I am Morphine and would have been used in ancient times since I am the principal ingredient of opium from opium poppy plants that were grown in ancient times. My growth life cycle lasts for about one hundred and twenty days and germinates well in the temperate, moist climate. I am produced from the pod part of the plant, which is harvested by scraping the pods from the plant and cutting it open to reach the ovary wall, where I am extracted.(418 words)

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