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History assignment

History assignment, 4-5 pages work sheet, must use the scource I provide, check more informations below.

Must use the scource on the book, link here:!/73404


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password: Zola1004

Part I: Exercise document checklist (choose 4)

  • Iron Maiden portrayal of Alexander the Great
  • Stoicism video
  • Attacks on World Heritages sites
  • Primary source comparison 7.3 and 7.4 (women/wives)
  • Etruscans and Romans video clips
  • Building blocks of Christianity clips
  • Self-reflection on Byzantine chant
  • Artifacts and museums (Ctesiphon)
  • Primary source comparison 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 (pilgrims)
  • Mesoamerican clips
  • Empress Wu clips
  • Shahnameh (Becoming the World ppt.)
  • Crusades
  • Covid-19 vs. other pandemics

Your exercises will be assessed for

  • Evidence of having done the work
  • Historical context/connections, i.e. link to lectures and textbook
  • Critical thinking
  • Clear writing

Part II: Primary Source Analysis (choose 2)

Compare and contrast TWO of the following primary source excerpts from DIFFERENT chapters. Make sure to include all the basic elements of a primary source analysis such as author, date, historical context, audience, etc. Include a minimum of 1 quotation from each document. 2-3 pages, double-spaced.

Chapter 1: Rig Veda, Bible, Popul Vuh, Yoruba Creation Narrative

Chapter 3: Code of Manu

Chapter 4: Upanishads

Chapter 5: Zoroaster, Dhammapada (Buddha), Socrates

Chapter 6: Ptolemy V

Chapter 7: Dong Zhongshu, Cicero

Chapter 8: Ecclesiastical history (Socrates), Egeria

Chapter 9: Law of Adamnan, Song Ruoxin and song Ruozhao,

Chapter 11: Ibn al-Wardi, Florentine Chronicle, Al-Maqrizi

Note: no thesis is needed. You should analyze the two documents first, one after the other, and then provide a paragraph in which you compare similarities and differences.

for the first part, you choose 4 topics, then do a little analysis and show critical thinks. each topic should be just one short paragraph.

for the second part, compare and contrast of the primary sources. this should be 2-3 pages long. you need to include quote from the book I provide.


Answer preview

Comparison is an essential historical element. In the analysis of part one of this assignment, four topics have been analyzed to demonstrate historical connections and critical thinking. The four topics include Empress Wu clips, Covid-19 versus other Pandemics, Attacks on World Heritages, and Artifacts and Museums.

Attacks on World Heritages Sites

Attacks on world heritage sites are something that terrorists have been using to create wars in the past decade. However, international treaty laws govern these world heritage sites. World heritage sites include cultural, religious, and traditional sites in every country. It is one of the current trends or issues in global history. For instance, Iran heritage sites were protected by the international treaties from being attacked by Trump’s administration, since it’s viewed as war crimes. Yet, the attacks on world heritage sites have been an ongoing issue, especially in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran. It remains an unsolved problem because the Cameroon cultural heritage site was attacked last year, 2019.(1221words)