Job Satisfaction

This week we will be discussing the cause and potential effects of a recent drop in federal worker’s job satisfaction. First, read the article “Survey: Federal worker’s job satisfaction drops.”

For your post, I would like you to touch on the following:

  1. Which aspects of job satisfaction do the workers seem most dissatisfied with? Think of the nine common job satisfaction facets to identify the source(s) of low job satisfaction (Table 9.1 on page 217 in your book).
  2. Explain what job satisfaction antecedents you think are responsible for the current low job satisfaction.
  3. Explain the potential outcomes of the situation using what you know about job satisfaction outcomes. What is likely to occur if the sources of low job satisfaction are not addressed?
  4. Feel free to bring in any other relevant comments or observations you made during your review of the article (e.g., workers level of organizational/occupational commitment etc.).

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The working environment is another determinant of job satisfaction. It depends on elements like the physical work environment, the quality of work interactions, and how a firm treats its employees, including fair pay and benefits, job security, and fair policies (Kim and Cho, 2020). The failure to compensate employees and layoffs negatively influences job satisfaction in this situation. In addition to the quality of the work environment, management practices such as advancement chances, providing adequate resources, and training and development can all impact job satisfaction. The article indicates that the employees lack adequate resources to conduct their jobs and are not provided with the necessary training.

If the federal government does not well address the sources of low job satisfaction, it will lead to high employee turnover rates (Kim and Cho, 2020). High turnover rates will impact the organization as it will lose its access to qualified talent, forcing it to hire new employees. This impacts the organization as it increases the costs of hiring and training new employees. Another consequence is it may lead to absenteeism, loss of morale, and low employee performance. Low employee performance will impact the organization’s overall productivity affecting its operations and may cause the company to incur losses. In addition, the failure to pay its employees and provide the necessary resources and training also impacts the employee’s productivity, as this will limit the ability of the employees to be productive. Lastly, the organization will incur poor publicity and reviews, limiting its access to talent and new employees, making it difficult for the organization to hire, hence impacting its overall growth. The failure to address the issues will lead to high turnover rates, employee job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and impact the employees’ productivity.

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Job Satisfaction