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Write a White Paper. It is 2025 and you are a captain working in the County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff and you were at a townhall meeting where many people complained about their concern with law enforcement’s increasing use of technology to invade their privacy. The Sheriff promised the people at the townhall meeting that she would discuss current and future technology at the next meeting. The Sheriff asked you to prepare a memo on emerging technologies and how it will impact the department. You must select two types of technology not yet used by the Sheriff’s Department. You are to briefly describe the technology, how it will be used, identify potential legal issues, and how you will inform the community of the technology’s use. After conducting research, you must write a white paper that follows the following criteria:

  1. Create a professional document in accordance with instructions in the Professional Writing Guide.
  2. The length must be between 500 and 1000 words. You will be penalized for shorter or longer memos.
  3. Word length applies to the body of the text only.
  4. Cite sources using footnote citations only.
  5. Text is single-spaced.
  6. Use proper grammar and punctuation.
  7. List word length at the end of your document.

You can use pros and cons of the selected technology to support your answer.

No title page needed. Single spaced.

Requirements: 500-1000 words max

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Secondly, the gun detection system, ShotSpotter, will improve policing by helping the sheriffs pinpoint gunfire and respond immediately by detecting the location. The system will also help them identify the shooters present at the scene and the precise weapons used to fire the shots.[1] Hence, this system will enable the sheriffs to identify a counter plan to minimize casualties in such an event. In most cases, the police fail to get accurate information from witnesses when they encounter gun violence in the neighborhood. However, this system’s accurate information will reduce witness errors, which prolong investigations. On the downside

[1] Columbia Southern University. 4 Technological Advances Changing Law Enforcement (2020):3.

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