Project management presentation

Starting a project management presentation. The scope is to plan the project over the course of a few weeks.


– E Sports team for World of Warcraft named Unfadable.

– The project is to establish and online merchandise store.


Requirements: 2-3 Pages

Started a project for project management class and need assistance. The details:

Starting an online merchandise store for a World of Warcraft e-sports team.

The details for this weeks deliverable

  • The business case must contain the following.
    • Executive Summary
    • Reasons (Create Problem Statements)
    • Business Options
    • Expected Benefits
    • Expected Dis-Benefits
    • Costs (Budget estimate)
    • Timescale (Schedule estimate)
    • Investment Appraisal
    • Major Risks

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The project is expected to require around $ 0.5 million to operate. It is projected that the project will yield about $100,000 profit every month during the first year. However, the demand is projected to increase with the increase of new world of Warcraft subscribers.

Major Risks

The significant risks that the project is more likely to experience include financial, technological, economic, and legal risks. In technological threats, the business is more likely to encounter cyberattacks or the presence of technical glitches that will affect its services (Lisanti, Luhukay, & Mariani, 2017, November). Equally, it is more likely to face financial shortfalls limiting its ability to expand. Economic risks include the reduction of the disposal income due to inflation in the global economy.

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Project management presentation