Synthesizing information

After watching the video in the Activity “Information Savvy: Synthesizing Information,” think about a time where you have synthesized information to come up with your own conclusion. Explain the process you went through. How does your process compare or contrast to the information about synthesis given in the video? Provide specific examples from the video to support your response. How would you use this experience to synthesize information in future papers? Please explain in your own words.

Information Savvy: Synthesizing Information


In this Learning Activity, you will watch a short video. The video provides a brief explanation of and introduction to synthesis.

(, 2012)

-Post adds value by raising novel points or providing new perspectives.

-Post is concise and clearly written in an academic tone; Sentences are complete; spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.

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The video emphasizes word of mouth as a source of information that influences one’s decision. In contrast, I tend to stray away from word of mouth as the only source of information and use tangible information to determine whether the item or entertainment is worth doing or seeing. The video mentions whether or not it is worth watching the Steven Spielberg movie (GfcLearnFree.Org. 2012). After reviewing the movie on various websites and word of mouth from a friend, I decided not to watch the movie. In the future, I will assess information
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Synthesizing information