Leadership Conscience

Leadership Conscience

MSL Organizational Systems

Assignment 3

Leadership Conscience

(30 points)

*Minimum page number change, 5-7 pages required ( different minimum page number from syllabus)

This assignment will provide you the opportunity to articulate how the work this term has shaped the leadership conscience that you can apply to your organizational work setting, whether that setting is an educational, non-profit or other type of organization.

The paper should reference and identify a metaphor that could be used to describe the organization. It should also include reflection and a detailed action plan to be presented to the organization’s leadership for purpose of improving organization’s systems (you do not actually have to implement the plan).

The assignment includes a detailed narrative and a power point presentation. You must have a minimum of 5-7 articles outside the course texts in your reference list and the material from these articles must be integrated into the analysis.

Your paper must include the following elements:

  • Personal reflection on the learning in this course
  • Construction of an action plan to put into place new concepts learned in the course that will assist systemic learning in the organization
  • Forecast of the impact of the plan on the organization
  • Conclusion

Paper Requirements:

  • Length of paper 5-7 pages not including the title or reference page.
  • Use 5-7 scholarly references to support your research and arguments. Must be published within the last 5-7 years.
  • PowerPoint is worth 5 points, no minimum slides applied
  • Submit (upload) as a Word document for the narrative and PowerPoint in the assignment area
  • Be sure your paper is in correct APA style (6th ed.), and there are no grammar or spelling errors. Please refer to your APA manual or see http://rasmussen.libanswers.com/faq/32858 (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) for how to properly cite webinars within your paper (in-text) and reference list.
  • Every assignment must include the FCE title page (found in APA/Writing Resources) and a reference list in APA form and style.
  • This must be a professional looking paper to receive full credit. This assignment will be worth 30 points (25 points for paper and 5 points for PowerPoint) of your grade.

Requirements: .doc file | Research Paper | 7 pages, Double spaced

This all that was included in all my resource list. You can just use outside resources if this doesn’t help

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Leadership is an essential component needed for the success of any entity. The organizational setup is rife with numerous challenges that impact an entity’s efficiency and productivity. As a result, good leadership has become necessary for any organization that desires sustainability, whether as a for profit or nonprofit outfit. Organizations must recognize the challenge of leadership and the fact that different leadership styles are required for different situations. However, there are common traits that are prerequisites for successful leadership in any organization. This paper reflects on this term’s core lessons on leadership conscience and how best one can implement it in an organizational setup to create a learning culture that gives the entity a competitive edge and boosts its output.