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ET470 Industrial Safety

Spring 2022
OSHA Presentations-Face Protection

MY TOPIC: Face Protection

Each student will be responsible for writing and presenting a 10-minute presentation of the OSHA Topic assigned. In the first part of the assignment, students will create a bibliography page that will consist of sources relevant to their topic.

2nd – the students will write a 3-page research paper that covers the topic assignment.

3rd – the students will conduct a 10-minute safety presentation with only one PowerPoint slide explaining their assigned topic.

Requirements: 3 pages

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The topic of face safety is raised when the employees are dealing with some hazards such as debris, sparks, or splashing chemicals. The prioritization of face safety is critical in eliminating avoidable face injuries, which could result in absenteeism and have negative financial difficulties or individual sustaining permanent impairments. OSHA has set several standards which employers are supposed to follow to guarantee the safety of the employees in their respective working environments, including the safety measures to protect the eyes and other face-like eyes. Jakobsson et al. (2020) illustrate that the eye and face protective equipment is specifically designed to protect individual employees from debris, splashing chemicals, sparks,

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