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Public Policy Issue

Public Policy Issue

Choose a public policy issue that has an ethical component. Use a code of ethics relevant to public administrators to frame an ethical position that would be appropriate for a public administrator to take on that policy issue. Explain why the code of ethics you chose is appropriate.

I think maybe a good topic is Covid? Something current 🙂

Pay close attention to the requirements.

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  • First identify a public policy issue and define it.
  • Then identify the ethical component of the issue and explain why there is an ethical component.
  • Next explain how you would address the policy from an ethical point of view.
  • Finally describe why the code of ethics you selected is appropriate.

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The term public policy contemplates measures that government entities put in place to resolve pertinent issues affecting the public. It creates a governing framework for officials discharging their mandates in different capacities to ensure that their decision-making aligns with the government’s stance on an issue. Addressing Covid-19 pandemic is an essential public policy issue in the world. The pandemic broke about a year ago, and it has spread to different parts of the world with devastating consequences. The United States of America has borne the most solemn effects of this pandemic as it is among the countries that have recorded the highest numbers of deaths and infected persons in the world. The pandemic has also ground different facets of public and private life to a halt, with businesses shutting down and restricted movements (Capano, Howlett, Jarvis, Ramesh, & Goyal, 2020). With scientists finding a breakthrough and discovering a vaccine, the primary concern is to create an orderly framework for the vaccination process.