Rich Learning Environments

Rich Learning Environments

Rich Learning Environments

A valuable means for parents to become involved in their child’s education is to provide a rich home-learning environment supporting academic achievement. Increasingly, students navigate among multiple domiciles, with varying levels of academic support. Moreover, research consistently shows the negative impact of absentee fathers on children.

Use the below prompts to guide an original post and responses to at least two classmates.

  • How do/can you, reach out to parents and help them create rich home-learning environments, while minimizing the action of parents doing work on a student’s behalf?
  • How do/can you include parents of the non-custodial home to support student academics and/or behavior (e.g., manage school-to-family connections for children dwelling among multiple households)?
  • Attach your module 4 presentation file or link to your initial prompt response. Request feedback from peers; you may provide a brief one-sentence overview of the presentation.

Requirements: Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced

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One of the effective ways of reaching out to parents to help create a rich-home learning environment is listening. It is essential to pay attention to parents’ information because not all know what they want for their children. Also, some fear the response of the community towards their actions in developing a rich-home learning environment. Besides, listening is a crucial skill to create a learning setting s that best fits the home. Otherwise, ignoring useful details from the parents will result in adverse reactions (McNeil, 2014). When delivering the approach to building a home-rich learning environment, it should be done in a culturally respectful manner. Parents doing homework for students can be minimized by teaching them to support the child without directly involving in the assignment. It is essential to identify whether a child is receiving excess homework or requires additional support through home learning.