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Science literature review

Science literature review

science Literature Review Assignment Instructions

For the review, choose a different journal article relating to science education, dated within the last 5 years.

For Science Literature Review: Professional Development, select an article related to professional development in science education.

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Use headings to divide your literature review into 2 sections:

1.Summary: Main points of the article are summarized in at least 1 page.

2.Reflection: Reflection page contains well-thought-through ideas of how to apply article content to teaching science.

Requirements: 2 pages

Answer preview

Hubers, Endedijk, and Van Veen (2020) conducted a study to evaluate the effective characteristics that should be present in every professional development program for science and technology education. Science and technology are becoming more prevalent in the modern world because people depend on scientific approaches to solve problems. Therefore, many changes have happened in the delivery of science education. For teachers to cope with the changes, professional development programs have helped to bring improvements in science education.  Based on the existing professional development programs, there is a need to improve upcoming professional development programs in science education to make sure that teachers can provide quality education.