Secret History of Isis

List three major things (not a small detail, general perspective) you learned from the documentary “The Secret History of ISIS.” What were some of the most interesting details from your point of view? Compare and contrast the discussion in this documentary with Darryl Li’s reading. How do these two sources approach the topic of “Islamic terrorism” differently? Support your discussion by posting one relevant scene from the documentary (take a screenshot and mark the time, e.g., 28:10) and a quotation from Li’s book.

Documentary: “The Secret History of ISIS: FRONTLINE PBS” 2019.

book: intro and part 1 ( just read chapter 1)

Then, consider these documentaries that critically discussed issues of representation with regard to the Middle East and Muslims. From the perspectives of the informative documentaries, how “biased” or “progressive” is the FRONTLINE PBS documentary do you think? How do you think the FRONTLINE PBS documentary was overall successful in filming such a complex issue? What would you have done differently if you were in the documentary production team?

“Blood and Oil: The Middle East In World War I:” 2013.

“Challenging the Middle Eastern Myth:” 2018.

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input in fueling the war. A documentary such as the “Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War I” and the “Challenging the Middle Eastern Myth” take a similar approach in conveying the Western contributions to promoting war in the Middle East (Lowe, 7:11 min and Hahn, 25:01). In retaliation, the extremist groups engage in widespread violent actions and weapon making to fight the invasions. Due to this nonbiased production approach, the FRONTLINE PBS documentary successfully filmed such a complex issue by portraying the religiopolitical tensions, revealing the competing mindsets between Islam and Western ideologies. In the process, Kirk helps readers understand the factors that influenced the surge of ISIS. Hence, if I were the producer, the only aspect I would have done differently is to elaborate

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Secret History of Isis