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Self-Analysis: Behavioral Competency

Self-Analysis: Behavioral Competency: The Interpersonal Domain

Prompt: First, review the required module resources, examining the behavioral competencies within the interpersonal domain.

As a reminder, the three clusters within the interpersonal domain are relationship management, global and cultural effectiveness, and communication.

Once you are familiar with the interpersonal domain clusters, conduct a self-reflection and analysis by responding to the following questions.

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– Strengths: What are your areas of strength within the interpersonal domain, and how did you determine a cluster as a strength? Provide supportive examples.

-Weaknesses: What are your areas of weakness within the interpersonal domain, and how did you determine a cluster as a weakness? Provide supportive examples.

-Strategies: What are your strategies for development of behavioral competencies within the interpersonal domain? Provide supportive examples and information from your research.

Guidelines for Submission: Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Dedicate a minimum of one paragraph of analysis for each of the three questions listed above.

Answer preview

            The interpersonal domain’s behavioral clusters are characterized by relationship management, communication, and cultural effectiveness (Johnson, 2018). In my practice as a social worker, I have identified some of my interpersonal strengths and weaknesses and devised strategies for managing them. Some of my identified strengths in this domain are communication and cultural effectiveness. I identified these as my strengths because I can strike a meaningful conversation and comfortably make the client at ease in opening up and communicating their woes. As a social worker, I need to communicate effectively with different people to identify their social problems and assist them in coping with them effectively. Therefore, I have developed excellent communication cues to understand people and also develop useful feedback. Communication plays a crucial role in establishing relationships with clients and also communicating the appropriate interventions. Moreover, I am an active listener, and therefore, I give the client a listening ear to hear them fully.