staff nurse’s role in evidence-based practice in your organization

What is the staff nurse’s role in evidence-based practice in your organization? How much do you think evidence-based practice is valued by your colleagues on the nursing staff?

What is the staff nurse’s role in evidence-based practice in your organization? How much do you think evidence-based practice is valued by your colleagues on the nursing staff?

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The role of nurses in providing effective medical care in the health care sector is evolving. Traditionally, nurses were mere assistants to doctors, and they were to implement instructions and report to the doctors the progress of the patients (Hain & Haras, 2015). The dynamics of healthcare is shifting, and nurses are becoming the central players in the new system. With the evolution of value-based care, the government and medical bodies are championing patient-centered care. In this new system, the provision of medical care is a process that entails consultation between the different stakeholders, including the patient. The medical care should meet a specific patient (Hain & Haras, 2015). This is a departure from the traditional system where physicians offered the same medical care for every patient regardless of their unique condition. Nurses have a pivotal position in this new system, and doctors only play a supervisory role. The patient-centered approach has led to the introduction of evidence-based nursing practice in providing care for patients. The other reason the healthcare sector is shifting to evidence-based practice is the rampant incidences of medical errors that were a leading cause of death (Neil, 2015).