Ethical Issues Regarding Abortion

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The information presented in the text has challenged me, posing to ask why a law would force a pregnant mother to keep a pregnancy resulting from rape and end up mistreating the baby throughout its development when they remember the ordeal? I believe pregnancy should be wanted, and every baby deserves to be valued, loved, and nurtured before and after birth. As the Bible states in John 1:14, the Church and the believers should embrace grace and truth to see the glory of God, meaning that they must live in an atmosphere of true love and grace-filled. While not condoning abortion procured with unsound reasons, I believe that the ethics of the Sabbath encourages Christians to love and support everyone, including pregnant women who decide to abort, on rational grounds. Hence, an ideal approach that would ensure that believers keep the ethics of the Sabbath would focus on encouraging them to visit such women and give them spiritual and emotional support. Such measures would help these women to regain strength and self-value.

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Ethical Issues Regarding Abortion