Alcoholic Behavior

Did you ever smoke or go on a diet? If you did, you can probably think of an application of reductive procedures in your own life. These procedures include both reinforcement-based techniques as well as punishment. While some research has suggested that a behavior can be managed using only positive consequences, other research indicates that the addition of negative consequences may be necessary to reduce inappropriate behavior and initially maintain appropriate behavior at acceptable levels.

For this Assignment, you will examine procedures for decreasing the frequency of behavior. You will identify behavior in your life that you would like to decrease, you will describe a procedure that you believe will decrease the frequency of that behavior, and you will analyze potential issues with implementation.

To Prepare
  • Review the readings and weekly media programs found in the Learning Resources for this week to help you gain an understanding of potential procedures to decrease the frequency of behavior.
  • Identify a behavior in your life that you would like to see a decrease.
  • Describe the behavior in your life that you would like to see a decrease.
  • Identify a procedure to the behavior you chose that may decrease the frequency of that behavior.
  • Explain how difficult this would be to implement, and why.

Support your Assignment by citing all resources in APA style, including those in the Learning Resources.

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Implementing this procedure will be difficult for me because of various factors. First, admitting to my family about my alcoholic behavior will be so difficult since they might judge me and even disown me. Secondly, it will also be difficult to visit a health facility to see a doctor due to my shy behavior. The other reason is that keeping my distance from my close friends will be a world of the challenge to me because they are the ones making my life so real and full of happiness. Also, going to a self-help center will be so difficult to implement because inside there, there is a lack of freedom which makes life so difficult.

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Alcoholic Behavior