Case law

Please answer the following question with a 300-word response.

In order for a case to be heard three requirements must be met:

  1. Standing
  2. Mootness
  3. Ripeness

Explain each of these terms. To get full credit you will need to provide an example of case law for each of these terms to show that the requirement was met or not.

Requirements: 300-350 words

c  a few cases in the book maybe you could write about?


attached you can find a few cases

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The court held that the petitioners lacked standing since they had no legally adequate interest in a place other than their home (Rakas vs. Illinois, 1978). Since the petitioners lacked standing, the court held that they could not challenge the search as a violation of their 4th Amendment right. The second requirement is ripeness (Mance, 2018). Typically, a claim will satisfy this requirement when the facts of the case mature into actual harm (Mance, 2018). A claim will not be ripe if such harm is yet to occur (Mance, 2018). The Supreme Court in Lucas vs. South Carolina Coastal Council (1992) held that the petitioner’s claim was not unripe because he might get a special permit to build on his property, considering he had already suffered harm due to the enactment of the Act rendering his property valueless. The final requirement is mootness (Mance, 2018). It deals with whether the issues giving rise to a case have been resolved or disappeared (Mance, 2018). The Supreme Court, in Decker vs. Northwest

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