Christian Ethics and Health

1. From the lecture, discuss the different forms of birth control. What does Scripture say about abortion (since when was this practiced)? What do Christians think about this ancient practice?

2. From the lectures and readings, discuss how adultery and domestic violence are contrary to the will of God. When is it permissible to divorce and remarry? Are relational difficulties (e.g., constant fighting) a good reason to separate? Why or why not?

Each question should be 250.

Requirements: 250

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Vasectomy is a small operation in men that blocks sperms from getting into the semen when they ejaculate, preventing them from getting pregnant women. However, they can still have ejaculation and orgasm. This procedure is 100% effective. Other forms of birth control include tubal ligation, condoms, the use of pills, and permanent birth controls. The Scripture from the Ten Commandments says, “though shall not kill,” which means abortion is killing and it is against God’s will. In Christianity, infanticide is condemned. From the late fifteenth century, abortion is highly condemned unless it is done before the quickening, or it is done to save the mother’s life. Christians take abortion as murder and anyone practicing or encouraging it is a sinner who does not respect the word of God.

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Christian Ethics and Health