Traditional Chinese philosophy of gerontocracy

Do you believe there is a possibility the “West” may embrace the traditional Chinese philosophy of “gerontocracy,” and offer greater value to those who have reached and are living in the late adulthood stage of development? Do you have suggestions for how to advocate for this? How do you think our culture could benefit from this, if you believe it could?

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To my suggestion, I think the prominent youth should come up with a rule and set an age bracket for the ruling. For example, the youth can state that you can’t be a president if you are 50years and above. The old generation will be swept away from those great positions, and the youth will pave their way up. Generational gaps bring about culture change. With time clear gaps will develop between political interests, economic and the white generation too. Diversity exploitation is already taking place in prominent places in the United States. In due time, many babies born in the United States will be racial minorities, Hispanic, blacks, Asians, and other nonwhite races. This transformation shows the beginning of a cultural change in the United States. This demography change will bring about cultural clashes among the Americans.

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Traditional Chinese philosophy of gerontocracy