Unitarian Universalism

to choose a denomination unfamiliar to you, and begin to curate a digital archive on this denomination. This week, I want you to choose the denomination you want to study (from the list I provide in the syllabus, or anotherdenomination – butpleasecheck with mefirstifyouchoose a denominationnot on the list). In 300-500 words, tell me why do youwant to study this particular denomination? What is it that seems interesting to you? What do you hope to learn?

Dominations to choose from:

Southern Baptists

African American Evangelical

Unitarian Universalist

United Church

Episcopalian Church

Greek Orthodox




FourSquare Church

Assemblies ofGod

Evangelical Christianity in United States

Seventh Day Adventist

Church ofLatter-Day Saints (Mormon)

Holiness Churches

Lutheran Church

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I find their beliefs interesting in the way they accommodate inclusivity. Beliefs of different unitarian universalists vary widely, including agnosticism, atheism, pantheism, deism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, humanism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Neopaganism (Frevert, 2009). As evident from the varying beliefs, unitarian universalism is a liberal denomination that accommodates people with distinctive beliefs, unified by the tradition of great love. Most interestingly, unitary universalists’ association with politics supports liberal transformation such as LGBT movements, civil rights movement, social justice, and the well-known feminist movement.

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Unitarian Universalism