The doctrine of Liability in Agency Relationships

IN a well-organized 500-word essay, explain the doctrine of liability in agency relationships. Discuss the conditions under which the principle may be held liable and when agents may be held liable.

o Requirements: 500 words APA 7th Ed.

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The agent may be held liable under the following conditions. First, the agent is liable if they decided to create an agreement with third parties without seeking permission from the principal. Secondly, the agent is liable for the actions resulting from intentional acts (Ciochină-barbu, 2015). Third, if the agent refuses to obey the instructions given by the principle, any harm makes the agent answerable for the wrongful actions. Fourth, the hired agent is liable if the harmful actions occurred when the agent was outside the boundaries of the relationship. For example, if the agent left the work for personal purposes, anything wrong that might happen during that time makes the agent liable.

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The doctrine of Liability in Agency Relationships