The Evolution of American Trucks

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  • What does the article, “The Case Against American Truck Bloat,” evaluate exactly? What is not working, dangerous, or ineffective, and why?
  • What point of Cooper’s argument do the statistics about pedestrian fatalities support in paragraph 5? How does the author’s focus on pedestrian safety relate to the overall evaluation argument about truck and SUV design and safety?
  • How does Cooper’s discussion of the popularity of trucks and SUVs in paragraph 8 contribute to the overall evaluation argument? How important is it that Cooper focus on the consumer choices and habits that contribute to the popularity of truck and SUV sales?
  • How does the evaluation of industrial design trends in the concluding paragraphs contribute to the overall argument? What does Cooper argue about design and marketing, and how does this affect your understanding of the issue as an art or design student?

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Geopolitical considerations have historically influenced vehicle design in the United States. It started as armored trucks modified for civilian use, a history that the firm proudly proclaims on its website. Other firms are also working to strengthen their military ties (Musti & Kockelman, 2011). Nate Powell examines the development of an openly paramilitary-style vehicle and SUV architecture. He links it to U.S. conflicts where regular soldiers have clashed with private security groups, special operations forces, and the police (Grieco, Murry & Yurukoglu, 2020). Most veterans drove up-armored regular cars, and many returned home with a desire for such vehicles. The same has gained massive popularity in the country. With the drive to make more profits, car manufacturing companies insist on coming up with such designs that will be marketable in the American market.

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The Evolution of American Trucks