Anger Management

Below are the two questions to answer:

2. Can Thich Nhat Hanh’s formula for making anger productive be applied in Western cultures?

4. What responsibilities do schools have to prevent bullying?

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Under western culture, people tend to express their emotions openly, and they tend to influence their neighbors depending on their feelings. According to Thich Nhat Hanh’s formula, human beings should be mindful of their emotions, especially anger, that elicits mixed reactions in society. This formula can be quite useful for the western culture that expresses their anger. First and foremost, one has to acknowledge that they are angry. The procedure dictates that one should desist from repressing such outrage. This trait makes it the best formula for western cultures. Once you express such anger, one has to focus on themselves and not their neighbor; this formula depicts the individualistic trait of the culture of the west, making it the most suitable. After concentrating the anger on self, one can rechannel the anger into peace and understanding.

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Anger Management