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DISCUSSION QUESTION :Applied Ethics: Political Perk?.

Read the following ethical dilemma from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics:

Should the mayor accept “political perks” as part of his job? Nadler, Judy, “Political Perk or Part of the Job?” Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (2006)

How does Egoism and Social Contract Theory help us make sense of Mayor Gibson’s ethical dilemma? What unwritten “contract” does a politician have with her constituents that affects her ethical behavior? Use your understanding of the readings, your own experiences and ethical reasoning to make your argument. Make sure to address possible objections to your argument. Required reading is att

Requirements: 2 pages

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Ethical egoism explains that one’s interests must be in accord with morality. It also explains that one acts morally upright if one promotes their best interests. Based on our case study, it is clear that Mayor Gibson is acting according to ethical egoism. The Mayor’s interest is to treat all community members equally without any favors or discrimination (Smith, Adam, 1759). The dilemma comes because the Mayor wants to act morally by adhering to his moral codes. Egoist suggests that all behaviors are motivated by one’s self-interests. Therefore, it is clear that the Mayor’s self-interest is to keep his office clean, and that’s why he is in a dilemma on whether to accept the VIP ticket or decline it.

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Applied Ethics Political Perk