Dropping the Bomb

Question Description: Since 1945, Americans have been debating the necessity of dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. Some historians argue that dropping the bombs ended the war, saved American and Japanese lives, and avoided an invasion of Japan. Other historians believe Japan would likely have surrendered without the use of the bombs. After reading the text , answer the following questions in your discussion posts: Of all the options facing the United States, which one should Truman have pursued? Was the United States justified in dropping the bombs on Japan? Why or why not? Did the United States fully understand the weapons before using them? Fully explain your answers.

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The United States was justified in dropping the bombs in Japan because it was the least abhorrent alternative considering the situation. Japan would not surrender to the war, and dropping the bombs would result in the most negligible impact. Although the atomic weapons were terrible to use, they saved thousands of Japanese and American lives. An alternative of a bloody invasion of the Japanese territories would result in higher death tolls (Dodge, 2017). The atomic bombs would stimulate an unconditional surrender for japan and enable the United States to root out institutions leading to war in the beginning.

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Dropping the Bomb