Recommended diet

This paper will include all of the components you have developed over the course

The requirements for your work include the following:

  • Must be 6-8 pages.
  • Must include an introductory paragraph that describes the entire topic.
  • The work must have all of the following: identification of the alteration in health (disease), the role nutrition plays in the prevention of this disease, its etiology, progression, treatment, recommended diet, type of nursing assessment and nursing interventions needed with regard to nutrition, outline of what should be included in client education and two strategies to help ensure adherence (overcome barriers) to the recommended diet.
  • Must have a title page and an APA Editorial formatted Reference page with at least three scholarly peer-reviewed references. There must also be appropriate APA Editorial formatted in-text citations.

please APA REFERNCING is mostly important

also, i attached a document to the question, this document has the assignment topic, the outline, referencing rough done that i have done on the topic. please you are to use them in making a whole of this assignment.

Requirements: 7pages

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This type of diabetes occurs when the insulin that produces pancreas beta cells is attacked and destroyed by the body’s immune system. It is not well known what causes this type of diabetes, but scientifically it is believed to be caused by genes and environmental factors such as viruses that might trigger the disease (McIntyre, Catalano, Zhang, Desoye, & Mathiesen, 2019). Although the disease affects people in all age gaps, it is most common in children and teenagers due to gene transfer from parents linked with the disease. Some of the risk factors include environmental factors such as exposure to viral illnesses that can trigger the development of the disease and the presence of autoantibodies that damage immune system cells. Other things, such as geographical areas which are away from the equator, can lead to diabetes development.

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Recommended diet