Blockchain supply chain seafood management Application

im working on a research paper regarding blockchain supply chain seafood management Application. and i want to add a blockchain and hyper ledger background/ methodology part which includes what is blockchain and its component/ architecture , what is hyper ledger fabric , fabric architecture, transaction flow, hyper ledger fabric components. and what i need for my project

if you can relate it to my topic as much as possible. “seafood supply chain management Blockchain application”.

Requirements: 2500 – 3000

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As mentioned in the previous section of the paper, blockchain denotes an incorruptible and distributed ledger containing numerous transactions that enable users to record, transact, and measure value effectively. The technology’s architecture comprises numerous components such as node, ledger, wallet, nonce, and hash. According to Sarmah (2018), numerous actors such as users, regulators, developers, architects, and operators are found in this technology. Furthermore, every component and actor within the blockchain plays a significant role in ensuring that the network remains reliable and secure. One of the components associated with the technology is nodes. These can either be full or partial ones. According to Sarmah (2018), a full node normally retains a copy of all the transactions in the blockchain. In addition, such a node can validate,

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Blockchain supply chain seafood management Application