Seafood supply chain management Blockchain

im working on a research paper regarding blockchain supply chain seafood management Application. and i want to add a blockchain and hyper ledger background/ methodology part which includes what is blockchain and its component/ architecture , what is hyper ledger fabric , fabric architecture, transaction flow, hyper ledger fabric components. and what i need for my project

if you can relate it to my topic as much as possible. “seafood supply chain management Blockchain application”.

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Technological advancements are inherently disruptive and transformational. This is because most of them not only challenge the status quo but also make it easier and possible for people to do or achieve things they previously perceived as impossible. One technology that fits this description is blockchain technology. According to Zheng et al. (2017), when blockchain came into existence, many people perceived it as the next evolution of the internet. Furthermore, the Economist even lauded the technology as the trust machine. Blockchain denotes an incorruptible and distributed ledger containing numerous transactions that enable users to effectively record, transact, and measure value (Zheng et al., 2017). It can be defined as technology that enhances transparency and trust within a system by accurately storing all transactions within the system in a decentralized way. Zheng et al. (2017) point out that any person with access to the system can look at the transactions and verify whether they are accurate. Furthermore, the fact that the technology uses gametheoretic and cryptographic mechanisms enhances the consistency and immutability of data.

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Seafood supply chain management Blockchain