Although Buddhism is able to change, adapt, and be adopted by other cultures and lifestyles, with all these changes, do you think that the original meaning of Buddhism taught by the Buddha himself can be lost or even die? Does the original meaning even matter if it loses its relevance?

The essay should be approximately 1000 words and include the following:

1. Use at least 1-2 source from our assigned readings for class; (I attached pdf files at to bottom for this source(reading assigned))

2. Use at least 1-2 peer reviewed source found outside our course readings; (it should not be from internet or Wikipedia, it would be better from an actual book or from a trustable source from internet)

3. Use at least 1-2 concepts found and cited from the course lectures; (course lectures are the YouTube link that I attached at the bottom).

4. Use Chicago Manual of Style with footnotes and a bibliography for citations.

Course Lectures for #3:follow these links :

Japanese Buddhism Video Lecture pt 2 – YouTube

Tibetan Buddhism pt 1 – YouTube

Tibetan Buddhism pt 2 – YouTube

Southeast Asian Buddhism (Theravada) – YouTube

and/or also

Tibetan Buddhism.pptx – Google Slides

Japanese Buddhism.pptx – Google Slides

SouteastAsianBuddhism.pptx – Google Slides

Requirements: 1000 words

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The artwork demonstrates how new ideas had an impact on Buddhism itself. This shows how exposure to outside influences and new ideas may significantly impact religion and potentially lead to the loss of its core principles. In addition, Buddhism’s initial significance would endure even if it became irrelevant. This would make it easier to comprehend why new concepts were introduced into this religion. It will provide new concepts if Buddhism upholds its basic ideals and beliefs. The ideal morality will be upheld by followers, allowing new ideas to continue according to their rules. Sue states, “There is considerable evidence that conscious efforts were made to ensure accuracy in such preservation and that accuracy continued to be a factor when teachings began to be written down.”[1]

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