Capitol Riot

12-point Times New Roman font. The final page should be a works cited page (MLA format). • You can find models for MLA and APA citations by consulting: 1) your textbook, Ch. 23 ; 2) the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), or 3) the Bedford/St. Martin’s Research & Documentation Guide

Assignment: Identify and synthesize who, what, when, where and why of the January 6 Capitol

Riots from the conservative POV, the liberal POV and a designated foreign POV of your choice.

Provide an overview of the events of the day, a compare and contrast analysis of the events and a

conclusion that reveals and details your personal POV on the fallout of the events of this

unprecedented attack on the “People’s House” by citizens of the United States.

Audience: Your fellow UH students. Help them better understand why you support the proTrump forces or President Biden by summarizing the liberal, conservative and foreign stances on

Capitol Riots of January 6.

Rationale: Accurately and respectfully synthesizing a range of views is a large part of working

with complex ideas. Identifying your own position in relation to others’ ideas marks you as a

discerning thinker and writer.

Requirements: Essay | 2 pages, Single spaced

Capitol Riot Essay Outline


a) Unbiased Overview of the Capitol Riot – Just the facts: Who? What? When? Where?

Body Summarize the Alt-Right, Alt-Left and your choice of Centrist and/or Foreign Points of View. You may not agree with any of these stances but it’s important to understand the totality of media coverage of the event before drawing your own conclusions.

  1. Alt Right POV – summary
  2. Alt Left POV – summary
  3. Your Choice of Centrist or Foreign POV – summary


  1. Your personal POV – summary

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The liberals believe that the government should promote equality and liberty in the United States. They are considered to be on the left side of the political spectrum. From the liberals’ point of view, the January 6th Capitol riot was immoral and a betrayal to the democracy of the United States. Liberals supported Joe Biden, which means that they were happy about his victory. Liberals believed that the election was transparent. Besides, Liberals had no problem with Trump’s claim of election irregularities because they did not react once he made the statement. They only wanted Trump to follow legal procedures to declare the election fraudulent.

Liberals thought that conservatives were betraying democracy because they did not follow the right procedures to channel their grievances. They were supposed to present evidence that the election was not fair instead of rioting. Democracy means that everyone has the right to be heard. That democracy was shown to conservatives when the court demonstrated that it was ready to address their issues. Some votes were even recounted to make sure that there were no irregularities in the election process. However, conservatives went ahead and invaded the Capitol to interfere with the victory of the elected person. That is not a democracy, and the Capitol riot should not have happened.

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Capitol Riot