Law enforcement community’s

This essay requires that you explain the pros and cons of using Robodogs as a law enforcement tool. In addressing this question please discuss both public policy issues and constitutional issues using the US Constitution, Case law and civil (statutory) law where appropriate. You should begin by discussing this issue in the context of its use in the general public however the focus of the essay is how the conversation changes when we apply these policy arguments and constitutional principles to the incarcerated?

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What are the arguments for and against the law enforcement community’s use of Robo Dogs in general society, and how do these arguments apply in the context of correctional administration’s use of Robo Dogs in Jails, Prisons and Community Corrections? Finally describe your opinion of the use of Robodogs in correctional administration and explain what went into the development of your opinion on this topic.

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This is for a correctional administration class for my political science major. My professor wants us to discuss public policy issues and constitutional issues the US Constitution, Case law and civil (statutory) law where appropriate. Overall, thats about it.

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New York City Police Department is one of the law enforcement agencies in the country that used robo dogs in their policing. However, due to the extensive backlash such a decision had from the city’s residents, NYPD was forced to put a lid on the project (Bushwick, 2021). For some, the expensive nature of such technology does not make robo dogs a feasible tool for use by law enforcement agencies. Besides this, there are those who feel that using robo dogs is symbolic of how overtly aggressive law enforcement officers are when dealing with individuals from poor and minority communities, a situation that leads to numerous violations of their Constitutional rights. Another argument made against robo dogs revolves around the timing of their introduction (Bushwick, 2021). America is going through a challenging period, characterized by increased public scrutiny on policing practices, especially the militarization of law enforcement. As such, introducing robo dogs further militarizes policing,
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Law enforcement community’s