Pediatric Hospital

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Agency is: Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital | Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (

Propose a theoretically or model-based solution for change
within the context of factors or pressures that support the status quo (restraining forces) and
those pressures that support change in the desired direction (driving forces).

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Systems, Roles, and Allies or Adversaries Analysis Chart

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital CEO and the CFO are the sponsors of this intervention. The key roles are through the board of directors, and in cooperation with other executives, the CEO and CFO approve and provide the resources needed to implement the program. They are allies in this program since it aims to enhance the organization’s competitive advantage and support the fulfillment of the mission. The VP of the Human Resources, VP of operational services, VP of patient care services, and VP of medical services are the main agents. The program’s process and output are directly linked to their roles. For instance, policies to enhance change in healthcare professional behaviors are necessary.

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Pediatric Hospital