The Holy Ghost People

  • I want you to watch the attached video about the Holy Rollers of West Virginia. From an etic point of view I want you examine this group of people and how they practice their religion. To do this I want you to explain.
  • 1) How does the video connect with the nine universal characteristics?
  • 2) Identify three of the nine in the video

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The video clearly illustrates three universal characteristics of culture among the Holy Ghost people. One of them is language and non-verbal communication. Bloch, Solomon & Carey (2020) elaborate this as the way that people communicate with or without words. From the video, physical manifestations like shaking, jumping, and shouting were non-verbal and verbal ways of communicating the power of God upon the congregants. The rest would accept such reactions in cheering or nodding, smiling, and offering praise to God.

The second universal characteristic I observed was social control. TV XP (2016) noted that some churches had no leader and would depend on the Holy Ghost for guidance; others had designated leaders. In the documentary, the leader would guide the service program by designating a time for praises, preaching, testimony, and prayer. The leader acted as the social control and would help maintain order in the church service flow.

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The Holy Ghost People