Violence and maltreatment

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Miller-Perrin, C. L, Perrin, R.D. & Renzetti, C.M.(2021).Violence and maltreatment in intimate relationships.(2nd edition).SAGE.ISBN: 9781544371085

This Case History is located in the course textbook – Chapter 3

Why would Kevin’s foster mother have such a different opinion of Kevin’s behavior compared to his birth mother? Do you believe Kevin’s behavior would change upon entering a foster home? Why or why not?

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The Foster mother does not have any relation with Sam or Kevin’s mother and does not feel the need to protect them compared to Kevin’s mother. Kevin’s foster mother hence does not experience fear, guilt, or shame, ensuring that she has a clear and unbiased opinion about Kevin’s behavior. Kevin’s mother blames Kevin’s behavior, which she indicates is out of control, impacting her son’s opinion. Suppose Kevin is placed in a foster home. In that case, his behavior may change because he will not be constantly exposed and witness violence at home. This will build on his self-esteem, as he will have a trusted support system and a healthy relationship with his foster mother and contribute to his behavior changes.

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Violence and maltreatment