Child Labor Education Project

2. Child Labor laws have shifted dramatically in our country. Children used to be producers in the family and have now become consumers. What do you think is an appropriate age for a child to be allowed to start working? If you believe that children can work, do you think that there should be limitations on the type of jobs that they are able to have? What do you think about different labor and educational laws for migrant children? Describe the labor laws you would want to see in effect.

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Although children can work, I believe that there should be limitations on the types of jobs they can perform. It is because some jobs require someone to make complex decisions, and children’s minds have not developed enough to make such decisions. Also, some jobs like loading and unloading goods from the trucks required a lot of energy, which might deteriorate children’s health. Besides, the laws related to labor and education of migrant children have existed for many years in the United States. For instance, the fair labor standards laws (FLSA) became functional to prohibit any form of discrimination against immigrant and local children (  Also, the Action on Child Arrival policy allows immigrant children to receive citizenship and the same treatment as local children. These laws are benefiting immigrant children, and I would like to see the FLSA laws implemented in order to give immigrant children a chance for education and employment.

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Child Labor Education Project