Employee Motivation

After completing the lecture and reading assignments, write a response to the questions following the case at the end of Chapter 12, “Sodexo Incentives.” Do not use the questions in your response.

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The primary advantage of widespread incentive is that it identifies and acknowledges differences within an organization’s processes. In big corporations, several departments are mandated to perform different tasks to enhance the organization’s overall success (Lăzăroiu, 2015). The employees under these departments have a different skill set that they are applying in accomplishing their tasks. Therefore, it would be unfair for an organization to develop a single incentive plan that does not acknowledge the differences in skillset and how such differences are instrumental in guaranteeing the organization’s overall success (Bradler et al., 2016). Widespread incentives appreciate such differences in its processes, and this ensures that an organization comes up with an incentive plan that provides every outstanding effort within the organization is appreciated. With the widespread incentive, every employee will know that they have a chance of benefiting from such initiatives.

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Employee Motivation