U.S correctional facilities

Write two paragraphs regarding the German system and how it’s clearly based on a different philosophy of human nature because the conditioning techniques they use are quite different in many ways from the style of behaviorism practiced here in the U.S. prison system. Your first paragraph should be 4-6 sentences long and explain what you think are the three most important differences in how the German system treats its prisoners compared to the system we have here in the United States. This paragraph should reference direct and specific examples from the video clip. In your second paragraph of 4-6 sentences offer your overall impression and opinion after watching the video. What do you like and dislike about their system? Do you think it could work well here in the U.S.?

This youtube is necessary to view: The German prison program that inspired Connecticut – YouTube

Requirements: 1-2 Pages

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Germany relies mostly on fines and community-based sentencing and not prison sentencing. That is why many German prisons are not crowded. Unlike the U.S, some people have spent years in prison awaiting trial, and that’s why prisons are overcrowded with no leisure time. Separating prisoners from their family members is traumatizing already, and therefore, German prisons try as much as possible to make them feel at home.

From the video, I can say that Germans treat treats prisoners with a lot of humanity so that they don’t stress the correctional officers. Their use of weekend gate-away and rehabilitation helps them recover in a way that will be easy to interact with the community

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U.S correctional facilities