Doctrine of liability in agency relationships

IN a well-organized 500-word essay, explain the doctrine of liability in agency relationships. Discuss the conditions under which the principle may be held liable and when agents may be held liable.

o Requirements: 500 words APA 7th Ed.

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nurse to determine his or her weaknesses and strengths when interacting with patients from different cultural backgrounds. There are various tools available to perform self-assessment on cultural competence, and this is a significant way of helping to improve cultural competence in the delivery of care. Another strategy that can help nurses to provide culturally competent care is directly engaging in cross-cultural interactions when dealing with patients (Marcelin et al. 2019). This can help nurses to explore and understand the patient’s beliefs, needs, and values to work on how they can develop effective relationships with the patients. By understanding the uniqueness of every patient, a nurse can be able to reduce bias and cultural dissonance to provide more culturally competent care.

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Doctrine of liability in agency relationships