Nonprofit organization

How does a hybrid organization differ from a typical nonprofit organization?

Explain the concept of conscious capitalism. Do you think managers and companies that espouse this kind of shared value approach are more likely to behave is socially responsible ways?

To what extent does new technologies simplify and routinize the jobs of employees?

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The power of modern and evolving technology has changed workers’ lives in the way they perform their job responsibilities. It has made jobs more to be more stable, equal, and dignified while also delivering value and benefit. For instance, in the old days, a pile of papers was kept in the filing cabinet (Waschull et al., 2017). Nowadays, information is stored on a computer connected to the network. As a result, this action simplifies the work of an employee when retrieving the needed files. Besides, technology has made the work become highly organized, where different employees specialize in a different set of expertise such as data management, quality control, among others. This specialization has formed a routine and consequently increased the quality of services and job satisfaction.

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Nonprofit organization